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City For Life Wellness offers individualized services to help you regain your health and wellness. We use scientifically validated treatments to in a comfortable atmosphere. Our service areas cover South Florida, from Miami to the Palm beaches.

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How Wellness Care Works?

We begin with your goals in mind and partner with you on your journey to living your best life.

  • It’s all about you!
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Whole Body Wellness Services

Peripheral Neuropathy Program

Peripheral Neuropathy Program

Burning, achy, prickly feet. Find relief.



Proven, gentle techniques for relieving headaches quickly.

Disc Bulges

Chiropractic Wellness

Chiropractic care is best before symptoms appear. Subluxations are real.

Peak Lifestyle Program

Peak Lifestyle Program

A transformational wellness program to enhance all aspects of your life.



Confused about the supplements you take? Let’s find out which one you actually need.

Spinal Decompression

A completely painless treatment which relieves pressure in the back by gently stretching the affected areas, allowing nutrients and water to restore you back to health.


When I first came for my initial consultation, I was struggling to walk without being paralyzed with pain. Now, I usually walk to and from the clinic 3 times a week. I can now stand more at work, and my pain level has dropped significantly.


I have little to no headache with less tension in my neck and shoulders.


My adjustments have been helping me. Before my first visit, it was hard for me to sit. But now, I can sit without any pain.


Dr. McCarthy is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to personal wellness. Seems like you can ask her literally any questions regarding wellness. Also, I loved the fact that she educates her patients about chiropractic, and its benefits from a scientific standpoint…


Since my first visit, the pain in my lower back when walking around has improved.


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